CardNinja - slim but not secure

CardNinja - slim but not secure

Despite glowing reviews on Amazon, the CardNinja has not held up to expectations.

My wife came to me with a problem. She had too many things. A wallet, a clutch/purse, a phone, keys, and ID badge. However, she created a self-made solution by combining her wallet and phone and ditching the purse all together. She unknowingly turned into a minimalist by putting her credit cards and ID into the back of her phone case. Her solution worked perfectly, albeit roughly, until she upgraded phones and was stuck with a case that was not compatible with hiding her cards.

CardNinja appeared to be a logical solution to her woes. It turns any phone case into a wallet with a self-adhesive backing with an elastic fiber that holds all of your cards.

I eagerly ordered a CardNinja for my wife. It arrived and we attached it to her phone. We read many of the scathing reviews on Amazon and noted that any more than two cards would stretch the elastic fabric. Duly noted. We narrowed her EDC wallet to her driver's license and one credit card.

First day on duty; there were no lost credit cards in the Au Bon Pan salad bar at work. However, the additional bulk that the CardNinja added to the phone was noticeable and annoying. Also, the elastic fiber now covers a large majority of your phone and adds unnecessary friction when taking it in or out of a jean pocket.

The other downside is the bulkiness felt when the phone is in your hand. The CardNinja with two cards adds an additional bulk and forces your fingers to wrap around the phone further than expected. It is just uncomfortable, but this may depend on the size of your hand.

The last straw for the CardNinja is the longevity of the elastic material. We purchased our CardNinja on Nov 8th and it is now Nov 25th. Currently, after only holding two cards, the elastic material is almost worn out. It still holds cards, but it is loose which is not desirable in the least.

So if you are looking for a similar solution to your everyday carry, my wife wholeheartedly disapproves of the CardNinja. We are looking elsewhere for alternative products and if any of our readers have success send us a tweet at @TreehouseEDC and we'll give it a try.

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