Gerber Shard

Gerber Shard


Forged from a single shard of steel, the Gerber Shard is a simple and affordable keychain tool.

It offers four tools:

  • 3-d Philips screwdriver bit
  • Small and large flat head screwdriver bits
  • Pry bar[1]
  • Bottle opener

The Good

I've carried this keychain tool for approximately one year to date. In that time, I've found the Shard a capable companion. Its slim and lightweight form factor allows you forget that you have such a useful tool.

  • The most useful tool to me personally has been the Philips head screwdriver and bottle opener. The 3-d bit works surprisingly well and is useful for differently sized screw heads due to the angled design of the bit. Also, I should mention that you can get a good amount of torque with the Shard due to the angle of the bit.

  • The pry bar is a nice addition and works quite well for the size of the Shard. I've been able to remove large nail heads with it a bit of work. The pry bar can be used as a scraper for old paint or opening paint cans. The secondary use for the pry bar is opening boxes or packages with the sharpened inner edge.

  • The Shard fits perfectly to your hand when using the bottle opener.

  • The titanium nitrite finish is very durable.

The Bad

The only negatives for the Shard only pertain to the driver bits:

  • The flat head bits can be hard to use, especially if you don't have room to angle the Shard appropriately.

  • The Philips head bit has a short reach and can be hard to use if your keychain ring is small or full of keys.

The Ugly

The main take-away message: if you carry a bottle opener on your key-chain then you should consider switching it to the Shard because it is probably lighter, you get driver bits and a pry bar. For the price point of $7 USD, the Shard is an unbeatable value.


Weight: 0.6 oz / 17.0 g
Size: length: 2.75"
Material: Stainless steel with titanium nitride coating

Additional Pictures:

  1. The pry bar can be used as a cutting edge or nail head remover. ↩︎

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